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Many Moons

December 31st, 2019 - Morning

I've started a new series titled "Mini Moons." It’s kind of a play on words…many moons. Does that make any sense at all? It doesn’t have to I suppose. Each piece will be 8x8 or smaller and involve…you guessed it, moons.

It's all about remembering that life comes in phases. Each day is a new start. It's about knowing that moments in time come to an end. Years and traditions come to an end. Things shift and change and take different forms, but they also come around again.

It's about the way the seasons of life teach lessons. There is something about the circle and the moon and that is what I'm talking about here. Cycles. There are cycles of life and death making appearances. This could be the death of a dream, idea, or chapter.

I think we all sense how the new year can give a person great hope of what is to come. We have aspirations of who we might be this year and what dreams we might manifest? What negative cycles will come to a halt? What circles of light have we been dancing upon too scared to jump in head first? This idea has been a constant in my art practice. One of my first paintings in 2016 was titled "Becoming" and that theme keeps coming back around. We are always becoming.

This series is being created during a time of dreaming and pondering. We are all developing what level we want to rise to this year. It’s a great feeling to know you can make changes and become something new. You can grow and take shape even knowing someday you may wilt again. The wilting is inevitable. The new moon always arrives, but alas, so will the full moon knock at your door.

Light and dark are right next to each other and they both serve a purpose. This series will show those contrasting feelings. It will be expressive and bold. There will be white and black and also complimentary colors. Each piece will have representations of moons and elements of space, but also of nature. Do plants and fungi belong in space? They may not seem to belong and that is what "Mini Moons" is about. Putting elements where they may not belong only to learn that somehow they do. This is about new habits forming and taking shape where they once did not belong. This series is the new year taking the form of art. This is how I am welcoming 2020.

This year I want to become a more focused artist. I want to really sink into my ideas and compose beautiful and thoughtful pieces of art. I have ideas that I've been sitting on for multiple years and I am ready to manifest those images. This is my year to focus and make the art I have been dreaming of.

Thanks for being here with me!


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